Terrence Hill and Bud Spencer: Comedy Collection, Vol. 2

Format: Blu-ray

Genre: Comedy

Location: Fi24xb

This collection contains:

Miami Supercops (1985)

In 1978, $20 million was stolen from a Detroit bank. One of the robbers was caught, one was found dead, and the third disappeared. The money was never found. Seven years later, the robber who was caught was released from jail. He immediately went to Miami, only to be found dead the next day. Now FBI agents Doug Bennet and Steve Forest have been called to investigate the case while posing as Miami police officers. In Miami, the third robber is hiding with his $20 million and has a seven-year head start on the authorities.

Thieves and Robbers (1983)

L.A.P.D. Captain Parker finally is going on Holiday with all his family. At the last moment, he has to cancel the program to re-capture a pilferer named Tony Roma, a bad copy of a Latin lover. He used to seduce older women and then steal their jewellery. Parker is close to sorting the case out when Roma is the witness of a Mafia murder. Parker Holiday flies away.

Watch Out, We’re Mad! (1974)

Kid and Ben tie in a race to win a red dune buggy with a yellow top. During Kid and Ben’s hotdog and beer contest to see who will keep the dune buggy, a local mob demolishes it. Kid and Ben want revenge – and the replacement of their dune buggy.

Double Trouble (1984)

Portuguese Brazilian billionaire cousins Bastiano and Antonio Coimbra de la Coronilla y Azevedo are in fear for their lives after several assassination attempts. Therefore, they have an agency find two look-alikes, stuntman Elliot Vance and the saxophone-playing small-time criminal Greg Wonder, to temporarily take their place and find out who is behind the assassination attempts. Elliot and Greg fight through all kinds of situations without too much trouble while getting closer to the mastermind behind it all. Additionally, they quickly come to like the jet-set life. The resulting damage to their reputation provokes the Coimbras to return to Rio ahead of time. This puts them right into the sights of their enemies, alongside the cousins’ look-alikes.