Regent Theater

Your Guide to Monthly Movie Themes

01 – Laughable January

Laughter will help you get off to a great start in the new year. A month of comical bonanza!

Snacks? Sparkling Wine and Cheez Doodles.

02 – Fairytale February

Fairytales and fantasy stories fill this month with magic and adventure.

Snacks? Banana Soda and Skittles.

03 – Mystery March

Mysterious murders and strange beings will appear on the screen this month. Whodunnits and thrillers in a tasteful mix.

Snacks? Tea and Biscuits.

04 – Animated April

Cartoons and animated films from Ariel to Zelda.

Snacks? Fanta Lemon and Cap’n Crunch.

05 – Euro May

Movies from all possible genres. The only common denominator is that they’re all of European origin.

Snacks? Red wine and Cheese Plate.

06 – Treasure Quest June

Adventure films where X on a map indeed mark the treasure. From archaeological digs to quests in the jungle, this monthly theme will take you on wondrous adventures.

Snacks? Rum and Pretzels.

07 – Action-Packed July

Explosions, gunfights, and car chases will appear on the screen this month.

Snacks? Red Bull and Wine Gums.

08 – Asian August

Martial Arts, drama, or action? The genre changes, but the Eastern movie makers will continue to deliver.

Snacks? Sake and Sushi.

09 – Sci-Fi September

Spaceships and laserguns, terraforming planets, or going boldly into space. It’s all about what the imagined future has to offer this month.

Snacks? Beer and Peanuts.

10 – October Fright Fest

Be afraid, be very afraid! October brings you tales of horror and despair.

Snacks? Coffee and Pumpkin Pie.

11 – Noirvember

November brings the cynical attitudes and motivations of the noir film to the big screen. Femme Fatales and hardboiled men will act more and speak less.

Snacks? Whiskey Sour and Chips (Salt and Vinegar).

12 – December Christmas Crackers

‘Tis the season to be jolly! A month of cheerful and festively decorated homes and the background music we all love. An occasional maniac might cast a shadow over the celebrations, though.

Snacks? Eggnog and Ginger Snaps.