The Sound of the Movies: Kelly and Astaire

Format: CD

Composer: Various

Location: Mu 8:1

CD 1: Gene Kelly
For Me And My Gal
1-1–Unknown ArtistMain Title1:43
1-2–Lucille Norman, George Murphy (3)The Doll Shop, Part 10:47
1-3–George Murphy (3)Oh, You Beautiful Doll0:36
1-4–George Murphy (3), Lucille NormanThe Doll Shop, Part 1 Continued1:20
1-5–Judy GarlandDon’t Leave Me, Daddy1:00
1-6–George Murphy (3)Oh, You Beautidul Doll (Reprise)1:02
1-7–Unknown ArtistThe Doll Shop, Part 21:05
1-8–George Murphy (3), Judy Garland, Ben Blue, MGM Studio ChorusBy The Beautiful Sea1:27
1-9–Unknown ArtistDarktown Strutters Ball (Extended Version)0:46
1-10–Judy Garland, Gene KellyFor Me And My Gall5:07
1-11–Judy GarlandWhen You Wore A Tulip1:43
1-12–Judy Garland, Abe Dinovitch, Maude EricksonDon’t Bite The Hand That’s Feeding You1:15
1-13–Marta EggerthDo I Love You?3:03
1-14–Judy GarlandAfter You’ve Gone2:18
1-15–Marta Eggerth, MGM Studio ChorusThe Spell Of The Waltz5:01
1-16–Unknown ArtistLove Song4:50
1-17–Lucille Norman, The Sportsmen QuartetTell Me (Reprise)2:00
1-18–Lucille Norman, Judy Garland, MGM Studio Orchestra, The King’s MenTill We Meet Again1:18
1-19–Ben LesseyWe Don’t Want The Bacon, What We Want Is A Piece Of The Rhine2:16
1-20–Judy Garland, Gene KellyBallin’ The Jack2:28
1-21–Unknown ArtistThe Small Time2:53
1-22–Ben Blue, The King’s MenWhat Are You Going To Do About The Boys?1:23
1-23–Judy Garland, MGM Studio ChorusHow ‘Ya Gonna Keep ‘Em Down On The Farm?1:39
1-24–The King’s Men, MGM Studio ChorusThere’s A Long, Long Trail2:48
1-25–Judy Garland, The King’s Men, MGM Studio ChorusWhere Do We Go From Here?0:56
1-26–Judy Garland, Six Hits And A Miss, MGM Studio ChorusThree Cheers For The Yanks (Outtake)2:29
1-27–Judy GarlandSmiles (Extended Version/Outtake)0:40
1-28–Judy Garland, MGM Studio ChorusWhen Johnny Comes Marching Home (Extended Version)1:07
1-29–Judy Garland, Gene Kelly, MGM Studio ChorusFinale (For Me And My Gal Reprise)1:14
CD 2: Fred Astaire
Second Chorus
2-1–Artie Shaw’s BandSecond chorus (Main Title)1:05
2-2–Artie Shaw’s BandEverything’s Jumpin’1:35
2-3–Fred Astaire, Paulette GoddardI Ain’t Hep To That Step But I’ll Dig It3:47
2-4–Bobby Hackett, Billy ButterfieldIvy Shuffle3:40
2-5–Artie Shaw’s Band, Fred AstaireLove Of My Life2:47
2-6–Billy Butterfield, Artie Shaw’s BandI”m Yours3:28
2-7–Fred Astaire, Artie Shaw’s BandPoor Mr. Chisholm1:43
2-8–Artie Shaw’s BandConcerto For Clarinet3:23
2-9–Artie Shaw’s BandPoor Mr. Chisholm – Danced By Fred Astaire4:19
2-10–Unknown ArtistLove Of My Life (Finale)0:51
You Were Never Lovelier
2-11–Unknown ArtistMain Title1:15
2-12–Xavier Cugat, Lina RomayChiu Chie1:51
2-13–Fred Astaire, Nan WynnDearly Beloved4:40
2-14–Xavier Cugat, Fred AstaireTop Number2:03
2-15–Fred Astaire, Nan WynnI’m Old-Fashioned5:43
2-16–Fred Astaire, Nan WynnThe Shorty George4:02
2-17–Lina RomayWedding In The Spring2:06
2-18–Fred AstaireYou Were Never Lovelier4:33
2-19–Bell Boys Quartet, Xavier CugatThese Orchids If You Please1:57
2-20–Unknown ArtistYou Were Never Lovelier / Finale2:21