The Sound of the Movies: Frankie At the Movies

Format: CD

Composer: Frank Sinatra and Gene Kelly

Location: Mu 8:1

1-01–Frank SinatraThe Gay Divorce – Night And Day
1-02–Frank Sinatra, Gloria De HavenCome Out, Come Out, Wherever You Are
1-03–Frank SinatraAs Long As There’s Music
1-04–Frank Sinatra, Anne JeffreysWhere Does Love begin
1-05–Frank Sinatra, Gloria De HavenSome Other Time
1-06–Anne Jeffreys, George Murphy (3), Gloria De HavenWhy Must There Be An Opening Song
1-07–Frank Sinatra, Gloria De Haven, Frank SinatraFinale As Long As There’s Music
1-08–Frank Sinatra, Gene KellyAnchor Away – We Hate To Leave
1-09–Frank SinatraLullaby
1-10–Frank Sinatra, Gene KellyI Begged Her
1-11–Frank Sinatra, Gene KellyIf You Knew Suzy
1-12–Kathryn GraysonJealousy
1-13–Frank SinatraWhat Makes The Sunset
1-14–Kathryn GraysonAll Of A Sudden My Heart Sings
1-15–Gene KellyThe Worry Song
1-16–Frank SinatraThe Charm Of You
1-17–Frank SinatraI Fall In Love Too Easily
1-18–Frank SinatraAnchors Aweigh – Finale
2-01–Frank SinatraIt Happened In Brooklyn
2-02–Frank SinatraTime After Time – Whose Baby Are You
2-03–Frank SinatraThe Brooklyn Bridge
2-04–Kathryn Grayson, Frank SinatraJ.S. Bach Invention #1
2-05–Frank Sinatra, Jimmy DuranteI Believe
2-06–Frank SinatraTime After Time
2-07–Frank Sinatra, Jimmy DuranteThe Song’s Gotta Come From The Heart
2-08–Frank Sinatra, Kathryn GraysonLa Ci Darem La Mano
2-09–Frank SinatraIt’s The Same Old Dream
2-10–Kathryn GraysonTime After Time (Reprise)
2-11–Peter LawfordWhose Baby Are You
2-12–Kathryn GraysonThe Bell Song
2-13–Frank SinatraEnd
2-14–Joan McCrackenGood News – Good News
2-15–June AllysonJust Imagine
2-16–June Allyson, Peter LawfordThe Best Things In Life Are Free
2-17–Joan McCrackenPass That Peace Pipe
2-18–Pat Marshall*, Peter Lawford, June AllysonLucky In Love
2-19–June Allyson, Peter LawfordThe french Lesson
2-20–Peter LawfordHe’s A Ladie’s Man
2-21–June Allyson, Peter LawfordThe Varsity Drag