The Sound of the Movies: Gone With the Wind and Casablanca

Format: CD

Composer: Max Steiner

Location: Mu 8:1

1-1Main Title
1-3The O’Hara Family
1-4Twelve Oaks
1-5The Barbeque
1-6In The Library
1-7War Is Declared / The Death Of Charles / Dxie / Proposal / Unrequited Love / Tops
1-8Escape From Atlanta The Escape / Marching Through Georgia / Dixie / Battle Hymn Of The Republic
1-9Twelve Oaks In Ruin / Scarlett Comes Home
1-10I’ll Never Be Hungry Again
1-11Battle Montage
1-12Frank Kenndy Asks For Suellen’s Hand
1-13Paddock Scene
1-14Scarlett In Shantytown
1-15Belle Waiting And Melanie
1-16Twenty Inches
1-17Melanie And Mammy
1-18Scarlett In The Mist / Rhett Leaves
1-19Flashback / Finale
2-1Medley: Main Title, Prologue, La Marsaleisse
2-2Medley (It Had To Be You, Shine)
2-3Knock On Wood
2-4Rick And Renault, The Very Thought Of You
2-5Arrival Of Ilsa And Victor At Rick’s, Love For Sale
2-6Play It Sam… Play ‘As Time Goes By’, Avalon
2-7Of All The Gin Joints In All The Twons In All The World, Piano Improvisations
2-8Medley: Paris Montage
2-9Medley: At Ta Belle Aurore
2-10Ilsa Returns To Rick’s Medley
2-12Ilsa Demands The Letters (Medley)
2-13Rick Confronts Ilsa And Laszlo (Medley)
2-14Airport Finale / Here’s Looking At You Kid (Medley)
2-15Dat’s What Noah Done
2-16Knock On Wood (Alternate Version)
2-17As Time Goes By