The Sound of Movies: Modern Times, Jane Eyre and Laura

Format: CD

Composer: Various

Location: Mu 8:1

1-1–Charlie ChaplinMain Title: Modern Times1:46
1-2–Charlie ChaplinThe Factory Machine1:11
1-3–Charlie ChaplinThe Factory Set1:15
1-4–Charlie ChaplinCharlie’s Dance1:28
1-5–Charlie ChaplinCharlie At The Assembly Line Belt1:31
1-6–Charlie ChaplinThe Ballet2:23
1-7–Charlie ChaplinVisions1:21
1-8–Charlie ChaplinThe Gamin1:26
1-9–Charlie ChaplinCharlie And The Warden2:25
1-10–Charlie ChaplinAlone And Hungry1:51
1-11–Charlie ChaplinSmile (Love Theme)1:39
1-12–Charlie ChaplinIn The City2:35
1-13–Charlie ChaplinValse1:13
1-14–Charlie ChaplinThe Sleeping Girl1:20
1-15–Charlie ChaplinTen Days2:20
1-16–Charlie ChaplinAt The Picture2:34
1-17–Charlie ChaplinLater That Night1:56
1-18–Charlie ChaplinSmile (Love Theme) And Closing Title2:10
2-1–Bernard HerrmannMain Title2:38
2-2–Bernard HerrmannJane’s Department2:32
2-3–Bernard HerrmannElegy And Jane’s Sorrow2:26
2-4–Bernard HerrmannThornfield Hall1:42
2-5–Bernard HerrmannThe Piano2:12
2-6–Bernard HerrmannRochester’s Past2:04
2-7–Bernard HerrmannThe Fire2:54
2-8–Bernard HerrmannMr. Mason3:26
2-9–Bernard HerrmannThe Garden3:43
2-10–Bernard HerrmannThe Storm2:28
2-11–Bernard HerrmannThe Wedding1:24
2-12–Bernard HerrmannJane’s Farewell4:14
2-13–Bernard HerrmannJane’s Return2:42
2-14–Bernard HerrmannThe Finale2:39
2-15–David RaksinThe Laura Suite: Theme And Variations27:16