Bob the Builder: Scarecrow Dizzy

Format: DVD

Genre: Comedy

Location: Fi3B

Bob the Builder: Scarecrow Dizzy (1998)

Bob is building a shed in Farmer Pickles’ field while Wendy whitewashes his farmhouse. Pilchard comes too in Dizzy’s mixer. As Bob lays the shed’s foundations, some mice appear and Pilchard gives chase – Dizzy stops them running onto the concrete, but skids into it herself. Bob smoothes it out and goes to fetch the shed, leaving Dizzy to guard the cement. Meanwhile, Wendy lets Spud help with the whitewashing, but a string of disasters ends with a wall being painted bright red. Bob returns to find Dizzy exhausted by her attempts to keep Scruffty and Squawk off the cement. Bob suggests that he and Wendy swap helpers. Dizzy mixes what is left of the whitewash with the red paint, giving the farmhouse a coat of ‘pinkwash’. As Spud stands guard, the mice run up his trouser leg, chased by Pilchard and Scruffty in turn. Spud runs off, pursued by animals – but at least the cement is safe.