Bob the Builder: Roley and the Rock Star

Format: DVD

Genre: Comedy

Location: Fi3B

Bob the Builder: Roley and the Rock Star (2001)

One scorching hot day, Bob is installing a garden pond for rock star Lennie Lazenby. Roley is excited to be meeting his hero. Wendy is laying out a Nature Trail: first she erects a signpost, then Lofty has to clear a fallen tree. Spotting a duckling behind the tree, Lofty panics and the duckling rushes away. Next, they build a stile, when two ducklings appear. Wendy wonders why they are so far from home. As they put up some picnic tables, a third duckling arrives. Wendy and crew follow them to the duck pond, which has dried up in the heat. Wendy takes the ducklings to the Lazenby’s in Muck’s digger; they can swim in his pond while they find their mother. The Mother Duck arrives – she has been looking for a new home for her brood. The ducks are so happy in the pond that our guitar hero says they can stay. Then to Roley’s delight, Lenny plays his guitar and everyone dances!