Shawscope: Volume One

Format: Blu-ray

Genre: Action

Location: Fi20x

This collection contains:

King Boxer(1972)

Promising young student Chi-Hao is sent away to train under a new master so that he may be able to win a martial arts tournament and thus prevent the local thugs from getting the power and prestige that would come were they to win it.

The Boxer from Shantung (1972)

Ma Yung Cheng leaves Shantung, trying to find better fortune in Shanghai, trusting his youth and physical valor. He meets friendship with Hsiai Chiang Pei and love (CHING LI), and fate has him meet and find employment with a local gangster. He defeats an undefeatable Foreign Champion, then three champions at once, only to fall into a trap set up by gangster arch-rival Yang Shuang.

Five Shaolin Masters (1974)

The story is simple (Shaolin vs. Manchu traitors). Still, the effect was anything but, as the screen’s most charismatic action actors team with a legendary director and revered choreographers (Liu Chia-Liang and brother Liu Chia-yung) for scenes of unparalleled power.

Shaolin Temple (1976)

The Shaolin Temple is the last place to resist defeat by the Manchu Dynasty, mainly because of their unique fighting style. Men from far and wide wait outside the temple, hoping they will be admitted as pupils. As the Abbot ages, he realizes that the Manchus are determined to destroy the temple and eradicate the Shaolin fighting techniques. To this end, he decides it is time to admit worthy men into the temple as students to learn the way of Shaolin.

Mighty Peking Man (1977)

Word of a monster ape 10 stories tall living in the Himalayas reaches fortune hunters in Hong Kong. They travel to India to capture it, but wild animals and quicksand dissuade all but Johnny, an adventurer with a broken heart. He finds the monster and discovers it is been raising a scantily-clad woman, Samantha, since she survived a plane crash years before that killed her parents. In the idyllic jungle, Johnny and Samantha fall in love. Then Johnny asks her to convince “Utam” to go to Hong Kong. Lu Tien, an unscrupulous promoter, takes over: Utam is in chains for freak show exhibitions. When Lu Tien assaults Samantha, Utam’s protective instincts take over, and havoc in Hong Kong ensues as a result.

Challenge of the Masters (1976)

It’s a moving kung fu flick focusing more on plot than martial arts. What a novelty! It is the basic story of the village kung fu chump who leaves his village and does the horse stance for two years under the supervision of a grand master. Having conditioned his legs and fought endlessly with a wooden coat rack, our hero is ready to return to his village and take on the bad guys.

Executioners from Shaolin (1977)

A couple unite – she is fluent in the crane style of kung fu, he in tiger style. They have a son, but the boy’s father is killed by the evil eunuch Bai Mei. Disguised as a girl, his mom trains him in crane style while he secretly learns tiger style from his father’s training manual.

Chinatown Kid (1977)

After getting in trouble with local gangs, a young man (Fu Sheng) flees to San Francisco, where the same gangs are still causing problems. He becomes a part of a rival gang and eventually decides to play them against each other to clean up the town.

The Five Venoms (1978)

A dying martial arts teacher instructs his sixth and final pupil to check on the activities of his five former pupils, each of whom he had taught a unique and lethal style of kung fu: the Centipede, the Snake, the Scorpion, the Lizard, and the Toad (hence the film’s title). This pupil, who knows a little of each of the five styles, must team up with one of the other good pupils to destroy the evil ones, if any. Greed and treachery ensue as the pupil soon discovers that some of the pupils are evil, but who can he trust enough to team up with, if any?

Crippled Avengers (1978)

A wealthy warlord who became evil and bitter because of his wife’s murder and the amputation of his son’s hands now bullies a town through terror and force. The warlord and his now-disabled son find pleasure and satisfaction in life by disabling anyone who gets in their way. Four of these victims–a hawker who has been blinded, a blacksmith who has been made deaf and mute, a drifter who has had both of his legs amputated and the pupil of an elderly martial arts teacher who has been made insane, all four of them because of the warlord and his son–band together and learn kung fu with the teacher’s help to have their revenge on their enemies and use their disabilities to the best of their advantage against them in battle. The four men are tested time and time again, and all four of them demonstrate their strengths and abilities to the utmost.

Heroes of the East (1978)

A Chinese man (Liu) marries a Japanese woman through an arranged marriage. He insults all of her Japanese martial arts family by issuing a challenge to her that is misinterpreted by the others. He must then prove how good Chinese Kung Fu is through a series of duels with the seven Japanese martial artists who come to meet the challenge.

Dirty Ho (1979)

Prince Wang is the 11th prince of Manchuria and an excellent martial artist, but he prefers not to draw attention to himself and keeps a low profile, posing as a merchant who deals in wine, antiques, and paintings. He has a run-in with Ho Jen, a simple thief who makes a living by stealing and spending loot wherever he can. The Prince takes a liking to the thief and enlists him to be his bodyguard, which Ho initially takes to very reluctantly. But when a conspiracy unfolds, and the Prince is targeted for assassination, Ho must undertake a severe training regime to protect his master.