Four Film Noir Classics: Vol. 2 (Limited Edition)

Format: Blu-ray

Genre: Drama, Mystery

Location: Fi28

Six Bridges to Cross (1955)

Youth gang leader Jerry Florea is shot fleeing from a crime scene by rookie cop Ed Gallagher. Result: “he’ll never have children of his own.” Ed and Jerry develop a mutually beneficial friendship: Jerry gets the benefit of the doubt, and Ed gets information that brings him rapid promotion. Ed’s friendship with this likable rogue becomes strained as years and jail terms go by, as hope for his reform dwindles. Can Jerry redeem himself in the end?

Thunder on the Hill (1951)

Convicted murderess Valerie Carns (Ann Blyth) is being transported to Norwich to be executed when a flood strands her and her guards at a convent hospital. Nurse Sister Mary (Claudette Colbert) becomes convinced of her innocence and sets out to find the real killer.

The Sleeping City (1950)

At Bellevue Hospital, New York, an intern is shot in the head by an unknown killer. Inspector Gordon of the 9th Precinct finds no obvious leads but senses an undercurrent of mystery at the hospital; enter Detective Fred Rowan, whose medical background enables him to pose as an intern. Through wheels within wheels, Rowan finally penetrates a secret, dirty racket, and nurse Ann Sebastian, whom he’s been dating, may be mixed up in it.

The Suspect (1944)

In 1902, London, unhappily married Philip Marshall, meets unemployed, depressed young Mary Gray. Their deepening friendship, though physically innocent, is discovered by Philip’s wife, who threatens him with exposure and scandal, driving him to kill her. Thereafter, fortune seems to smile on him, but does fate have a surprise in store?