Format: Blu-ray

Genre: Horror

Location: Fi31

Frankenstein (1994)

In 1794, Captain Robert Walton was obsessed with reaching the North Pole in the Arctic Sea, pushing his crew to exhaustion. When his ship hits an iceberg, it is stranded in the ice. Out of the blue, Captain Walton and his men overhear a dreadful cry and see a stranger coming to the ship. He introduces himself as Victor Frankenstein and tells the Captain the story of his life since he was a little boy in Geneva. Victor is a brilliant student in love with his stepsister Elizabeth, an orphan raised by his father, Baron Victor von Frankenstein. In 1793, Victor moved to Ingolstadt to study at the university, and he promised to get married to Elizabeth. Victor befriends Henry Clerval at the university, who becomes his best friend. Victor gets close to Professor Waldman and decides to create life to cheat death, but Waldman advises him that he should not try this experiment since the result would be an abomination. When Waldman dies, Victor steals his notes and tries to create life. He succeeds and gives life to a strong Creature composed of parts of deceased people. However, he realizes that his experiment is a mistake and abandons the Creature, expecting it to die alone. However, the Creature survives and learns how to read and write, but he is a monster rejected by society and his creator. The Creature decides to seek revenge on Victor by killing everyone he loves.