Hellraiser Puzzle Box

Franchise: Hellraiser

Type of Object: Puzzle Box

Location: MM7


A Puzzle Box, or LeMarchand Box, is a fictional lock puzzle or puzzle box created by the fictional antagonist Philip LeMarchand, an 18th-century French architect, artisan, and designer of some infamy. He first began his designs as bizarre, intricately designed music boxes, as he was well known as a maker of mechanical singing birds. But as a devotee of the occult, he became obsessed with the supernatural, which directly influenced the creation of the first puzzle box, known as the ‘Lament Configuration’ or “The Box of Sorrows.” When solved, a mournful bell can be heard tolling, as if from a distance, announcing the arrival of the Cenobites, extra-dimensional beings that serve the lord and master of Hell – Leviathan.

The Puzzle Box appears throughout the Hellraiser mythos, both in the books written by Clive Barker and in other media formats.