Björn Skifs X 3

Format: DVD

Genre: Comedy

Location: Fi27

This collection contains:

Strul (1988)

Conny is a chemistry teacher who is framed for drug possession. Unable to prove his innocence, he ends up in prison. When he finds a secret exit, some inmates persuade him to participate in a heist. Things become incredibly hectic as he tries to prove his innocence as well as “helping” his inmates. When Conny thinks it couldn’t get any worse, he meets Susanne, a policewoman.

Joker (1991)

Nicke loves practical jokes. When Pelle, his best friend, is getting married. Nicke is hosting the bachelor party. It will start with the kidnapping of Pelle. Everything goes wrong, and Pelle is kidnapped for real by a terrorist group.

Drömåken (1993)

Göran, Tina, and their two children bought a house in a suburb. It needs some repairs, but Göran believes he can repair it himself with the help of a few cheap craftsmen. However, the state of the house is much worse than he thought. At the same time, a gang of crooks is searching for the dynamite they hid in the basement some time ago. Göran must rescue his wallet from greedy craftsmen and his marriage with Tina.