Giallo Essentials (Black Edition)

Format: Blu-ray

Genre: Horror, Thriller

Location: Fi26

Giallo Essentials – The Black Edition (Limited Edition)

This collection contains the following movies:

Smile Before Death (1972)

Marco, a penniless nobleman, unhappily married to the rich Dorothy, and her best friend, Gianna, is his mistress who, one day, kills his wife. He automatically becomes the administrator of her estate – which, however, at the age of twenty, will have to pass to Nancy, Dorothy’s daughter, from her first bed. Marco retires to live with Gianna in the luxurious villa on the shores of a lake. Here, the pretty future heir reaches him, whom he had never known. Nancy has been in a boarding school for a long time and hasn’t seen her mother often. Gianna encourages him to kill the girl to avoid renouncing the enjoyment of the rich life. But the man falls in love with her, and the same happens to Gianna. And there is a surprise visitor.

The Weapon, The Hour, The Motive (1972)

A sexually promiscuous priest is stabbed to death inside a church.

The Killer Reserved Nine Seats (1974)

On his birthday evening, Patrick Davenant, a very rich Englishman of ancient nobility, invites some friends to visit the old theater in the family palace, which has been closed for 100 years since an entire family had perished there. The protagonists of the tragic night are Patrick’s sister Rebecca and her close friend Doris; Patrick’s daughter Lynn and her boyfriend Duncan; Patrick’s first wife Viviana with her current husband Dr. Dalbert; and starlet Kim with her lover Russel. As the party starts, a mysterious character accompanied by a guru shows up, and all the doors immediately close once the new duo is inside. Then begins a chain of crimes and horrors, all committed by Patrick almost ritually, according to a centuries-old curse.