Hasse och Tage: Samlade revyer

Format: DVD

Genre: Comedy

Location: Fi15b

This collection contains:

Svea hund (1976)

A musical and comedic revue.

Under dubbelgöken (1979)

A revue recorded at Berns in Stockholm.

88-öres revyn (1971)

A variety show recorded at the restaurant Skeppet in Stockholm.

Glaset i örat (1974)

A revue by Hans Alfredson and Tage Danielsson recorded at Berns in Stockholm in 1974.

Gula hund (1966)

A Swedish variety show that was the second of “three dog revues” (so-called because they all have “dog” in their name). The first was Gröna Hund (Green Dog), and the third and last one was Svea hund.

Spader, Madame! (1969)

A clever satire about being rich in Sweden in a late nineteenth-century haut-bourgeois environment, all accompanied by Schubert’s music gently but masterly transformed by Gunnar Svensson.

Gröna hund (1962)

The first variety show produced by AB Svenska Ord. It was the first of the three “Dog-revues”, the second being “Gula Hund” and the third one “Svea hund”.

Kontsgjorda Pompe (1963)

A variety show by Hans Alfredson and Tage Danielsson, recorded at Gröna Lund in Stockholm in the summer of 1963.