Format: Blu-ray

Genre: Drama

Location: Fi24xb

Walkabout (1971)

A privileged British family – mother, geologist, father, adolescent daughter, and small son – live in Sydney, Australia. While on a picnic one day, the sibling gets stranded in the Outback alone, not knowing exactly where they are. They only have the clothes on their backs–their school uniforms–some meagre rations of nonperishable food, a battery-powered transistor radio, the son’s satchel primarily containing his toys, and a small piece of cloth they used as their picnic cloth. While they walk through the Outback, they encounter an Australian boy on his walkabout, a rite of passage into manhood where he spends entire months on his own, living off the land. Their most significant problem is not being able to communicate verbally. The boy does help them to survive but doesn’t understand their need to return to civilization, which may or may not happen based on what the Australian boy does.