Format: Blu-Ray

Genre: Western

Location: Fi24xa

Ringo (1965)

This collection contains:

A Pistol for Ringo (1965)

Ended in prison for killing three men in self-defense while playing hopscotch, Ringo is freed to infiltrate the bandits led by Sancho, who barricaded themselves on Major Clyde’s farm after a bank robbery. Ringo, called Angel Face, asks for thirty percent of the loot for his business, then, when he arrives at the farm, he reveals everything in Sancho, obtaining forty percent of the haul to bring him and his cronies to safety.

The Return of Ringo (1965)

Once again billed as Montgomery Wood, Giuliano Gemma plays a civil war soldier who returns to his family land to find his family decimated, his property taken over by a family of Mexican bandits, and his fiancee about to marry the Mexican gangster behind all this. Bent on revenge, he goes undercover disguised as a Mexican and discovers he has a daughter!