Argento Collection

Format: Blu-Ray

Genre: Horror

Location: Fi24xa

Argento Collection (1970)

This collection contains:

The Bird With the Crystal Plumage (1970)

In Italy, American writer Sam Dalmas witnesses a murder attempt on an art-gallery owner, Monica Ranieri, a few days before he’s supposed to return home. Inspector Morosini, who is in charge of investigating the three previous murderers of the serial killer, asks Dalmas for help and takes his passport. Dalmas decides to stay with his girlfriend Julia and help the police in the investigation. The killer threatens Dalmas and Julia by phone, and the police overhear a strange noise on the tape. Soon the serial killer stalks Julia and Damas. Who might be the killer?

Tenebre (1982)

With Argento’s trademark visual style, linked with one of his more coherent plots, Tenebrae follows a writer who arrives in Rome only to find somebody is using his novels as the inspiration (and, occasionally, the means) of committing murder. As the death toll mounts, the police are ever baffled, and the writer becomes more closely linked to the case than is comfortable.

Deep Red (1975)

A psychic who can read minds picks up the thoughts of a murderer in the audience and soon becomes a victim. An English pianist gets involved in solving the murders but finds many of his avenues of inquiry cut off by new murders, and he begins to wonder how the murderer can track his movements so closely.

Phenomena (1985)

Jennifer Corvino, the daughter of a famous actor, has had trouble with sleepwalking for some time. Her doctor said that it could develop a split personality. She discovers her alternate personality when she stays at a boarding school that was once the home of Richard Wagner. But someone has been killing the students, which relates only indirectly to the criminal sanatorium nearby.

Suspiria (1977)

Susie Bannion is a young American ballerina who travels to Berlin to study dancing at Madame Blanc’s Markos Tanz Company, one of the world’s most renowned schools. On her first day, one of the students recently expelled from the school is murdered. As this appalling happening does not seem to be an isolated occurrence, the brilliant new student soon begins to suspect that the school might be involved in the homicide. Her mistrust heightens when Sarah, one of the girls at the school, tells her that before she was killed, Pat confided to her that she knew and guarded a terrifying secret.

Opera (1987)

Young opera singer Betty gets her big chance when the previous star of a production of Verdi’s ‘Macbeth’ is run over by a car. Convinced that the opera is bad luck, she accepts–and becomes the target (in Argento’s unmistakable style) of a psychopath–a man who has inhabited her nightmares since childhood.