Bobbie Phillips

Brains and beauty are two words repeatedly used to describe Bobbie Phillips throughout her career. After graduating high school at 16, Bobbie tried several different career paths. After taking college classes to become a litigation attorney, she was suggested to take drama classes. Her drama coach insisted that Bobbie move to Los Angeles to pursue acting. Mere months after arriving, Bobbie landed her first television role, guest starring alongside actress Halle Berry on the sitcom They Came from Outer Space (1990).

Bobbie has portrayed a variety of characters in various genres throughout her career. Widely recognized for her award-winning role as the insect-loving entomologist, Dr. Bambi Berenbaum on The X-Files: War of the Coprophages (1996)

Bobbie also appeared in popular shows such as Married… with Children (1987) and Baywatch (1989), as well as the film TC 2000 (1993), in which she starred with Billy Blanks (developer of Tae Bo). The film sold well internationally, prompting the distributor to order a follow-up film with Bobbie, Billy, and Rowdy: Roddy Piper: Back in Action (1993).

Bobbie’s first television series was for Paramount Studios on The Watcher (1995), and Bobbie was signed to thirteen episodes alongside famous rapper Anthony Ray, aka Sir Mix A Lot.

In 1995, Bobbie landed the coveted role of Julie Costello in Steven Bochco’s critically acclaimed Murder One (1995). Bobbie played the victim’s sister and love interest of Stanley Tucci’s character “Richard Cross.” Bobbie’s character, “Julie Costello,” was originally a guest star. Still, after the first few episodes, Bochco called Bobbie with the news that they wanted to expand her role and make her a series regular.

Upon wrapping Murder One (1995), Bobbie accepted a role on the syndicated drama The Cape (1996) as Lt. Barbara DeSantos. The entire series was filmed on and around The Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral, Florida. A strong reason for this decision was Bobbie would like to be close to her son in Florida.

In 1998 Bobbie re-joined Paramount Studios as the lead in the highly rated Paramount/UPN franchise “Chameleon.” Bobbie was signed to an exclusive contract with Paramount Studios and teamed up again with friends Christopher Crowe and Paramount Television President Kerry McCluggage. Bobbie had the opportunity to blend her acting with her martial arts abilities.

Bobbie left Hollywood to travel the world on animal rescue missions in 2003.

Phillips is also a writer, philanthropist, animal advocate, and entrepreneur. Bobbie returned to acting in 2014. In 2016, Bobbie took part in a global project bringing together actors from 32 countries on the film “Gandhi: The Conspiracy.” The film was shot in Sri Lanka and India.