Bond Girl: Vesper Lynd (Ursula Andress)

Vesper Lynd was a fictional retired intelligence operative. Loosely based on the literary character from Ian Fleming’s first novel, Lynd was a significant character in the unofficial 1967 spoof film Casino Royale. Ursula Andress portrayed her.


In this version, which bore little resemblance to the novel, Vesper is depicted as a former secret agent who has since become a multi-millionaire with a penchant for wearing ridiculously extravagant outfits at her office, claiming “because if I wore it in the street people might stare.” James Bond, now in the position of M, head of MI6, uses a discount for her past due taxes to bribe her into becoming another 007 agent and to recruit baccarat expert Evelyn Tremble into stopping Le Chiffre.

Vesper and Tremble have an affair during which she eliminates an enemy agent sent to seduce Tremble (“Miss Goodthighs”). Ultimately, however, she betrays Tremble to Le Chiffre and SMERSH, declaring to Tremble, “Never trust a rich spy,” before killing him with a machine gun hidden inside a bagpipe. At the end, when Bond is calling for help, Vesper disconnects the phone and holds a gun to Bond. She is killed during the atomic explosion.