Bond Girl: Valenka

Valenka is the fictional female companion of Quantum member and terrorist financier Le Chiffre. The character is a supporting antagonist created specifically for EON Productions’ 2006 James Bond film Casino Royale and was portrayed by Yugoslavian actress Ivana Miličević.


Valenka first appears when she is with Le Chiffre in the Bahamas. One of Le Chiffre’s friends is eyeing her, and Le Chiffre is prompted to challenge him to another bet. And she comes out of the sea in a luxurious blue swimsuit, and she has water streaming off her body. She then goes voluptuously into the shower.

Valenka is later seen at the Casino Royale, where she is with Kratt; she stands against railings and watches Le Chiffre play against 007, and Valenka talks to Kratt as her boyfriend plays.

Later, Valenka is seen during the progressing tournament. She is in her hotel room one night during the stay when she is standing guard for Le Chiffre, and Le Chiffre scolds her for her annoying him, but then she kisses him to calm him down, showing her affection for him. She is suddenly grabbed from behind by Steven Obanno and his liaison, who grab Valenka and Le Chiffre and throw them into their hotel room. Holding Valenka, Obanno threatens to slice off her arm, saying Le Chiffre needs his hand to play cards. Stating he has been betrayed, Obanno moves in, but seeing no protest from Le Chiffre, Obanno halts from cutting off Valenka’s arms mere inches from it. He tells her that she should find a new boyfriend before he and his boyfriend release her and leave.

Nonetheless, Valenka stays with Le Chiffre and still carries orders from him despite all this. For instance, when Bond wins, Le Chiffre declares he wants Bond poisoned. So Valenka does the job. She stands by the drinks cabinet when she slips poison (digitalis) into 007’s martini. He soon drinks and narrowly escapes cardiac arrest.

Le Chiffre sits back to silently fume, but Valenka, publicly humiliated, stomps off from the table. Valenka is shocked and horrified when Bond returns alive to the game. She nonetheless encourages Le Chiffre, smirking sexually at him, despite still looking frightened. Then to her horror, Bond wins. Later, however, she gets vengeance for Le Chiffre’s failure by assisting him in kidnapping Vesper Lynd and leaving her on the road, tied, for 007 to have a bad car crash.

Le Chiffre announces Mathis’ (a French spy) treachery on his behalf. A sweaty Valenka gets out of the car and holds the door open as Le Chiffre’s henchmen throw Bond into the backseat. Valenka smirks at this.

Valenka and Kratt torture Vesper while Le Chiffre tortures Bond. This is the last we see of Valnka; she goes down into the hold of the barge with her boyfriend and takes Vesper into another room with Kratt and one other henchman. However, Mr. White breaks in and, angry at Le Chiffre for double-crossing the organization, shoots the henchmen, and Valenka gives a shout before she is shot dead.