The Witches of Eastwick

Format: Blu-ray

Genre: Comedy

Location: Fi23b

The Witches of Eastwick (1987)

All three previously married but now single best friends, sculptress Alex Medford, cellist Jane Spofford, and writer Sukie Ridgemont are feeling emotionally and sexually repressed, mainly due to the traditional mores overriding their small New England coastal town of Eastwick. After their latest conversation lamenting about the lack of suitable men in Eastwick and describing the qualities they are looking for in a man, mysterious Daryl Van Horne and his equally mysterious butler Fidel arrive in town. Despite being vulgar, crude, brave, and not particularly handsome, Daryl manages to be able to tap into the innermost emotions of the three friends and, as such, tends to seduce each. In turn, the three women blossom emotionally and sexually. After an incident involving one of the town’s leading citizens, the ultra-conservative Felicia Alden, the three women begin understanding how and why Daryl can mesmerize them so thoroughly. The three decide to experiment with some powers learned indirectly from Daryl so that they can hopefully regain control of their own lives.