Bond Girl: Vida

Vida and Zora are in love with the same man, the chief’s son. To decide who will ultimately win his hand, the pair engage in a hand-to-hand fight to the death. After an intense struggle, Vida gains the upper hand and, pinning Zora down, prepares to bludgeon her rival with a wine bottle. However, the fight is mercifully interrupted by Krilencu, a killer of SMERSH and his men, who intend to kill Kerim Bey.

During the ensuing battle, Bond saves Vavra’s life, and when it ends with the expulsion of the invaders, 007 asks him to prevent the fight between the two from continuing. As a favor to Bond, Vavra then delivers the decision to him and sends them both to spend the night together with the spy and sleep with him. The next day, the two appear before Bond, tending their wounds and repairing their clothes torn in the struggle. When he is gone, they say goodbye together and do not know Bond’s decision.