Göta Kanal X 3

Format: DVD

Genre: Comedy

Location: Fi23a

Göta kanal X 3 (1981)

This collection contains:

Göta kanal eller Vem drog ur proppen? (1981)

An order for 1,000 yachts for a middle-east sheik is up for grabs. The list of contestants has been narrowed down to two companies: one is a multinational one with good backing, and visionaries and enthusiasts run the other with their main focus on rowing boats. Having a hard time deciding between the two, the sheik declares a race on the Göta Canal through Sweden, from the capital of Stockholm to the second city of Gothenburg, where the winner gets the order. Pretty soon, it becomes obvious that winning does not mean strictly abiding by set rules and regulations.

Göta kanal: Kanalkampen (2006)

25 years ago, two boats raced Göta Canal. It’s about time to copy the race with live TV coverage. Some really wild reality TV.

Göta kanal: Kanalkungens hemlighet (2009)

Andersson’s boatyard has had financial worries, but now everything seems to be set. But Andersson has not counted on the Italian mafia.