Terrence Hill and Bud Spencer Vol. 2

Format: DVD

Genre: Action, Comedy

Location: Fi21a

Terrence Hill and Bud Spencer: Classic Collection, Vol. 2 (1996)

This collection contains:

Miami Super cops (1985)

In 1978, $20 million was stolen from a Detroit bank. One of the robbers was caught, one was found dead, and the third disappeared. The money was never found. Seven years later, the robber who was caught was released from jail. He immediately went to Miami, only to be found dead the next day. Now FBI agents Doug Bennet and Steve Forest have been called to investigate the case while posing as Miami police officers. Somewhere in Miami, the third robber is hiding with his $20 million, and he has a seven-year head start on the authorities.

Odds and Evens (1978)

A navy detective enlists his brother, a former gambler, to help him liquidate an illegal gaming house on a yacht near Miami.

Super Snooper (1980)

The policeman Dave Speed is assigned to a mission in an ex-Indian reservation near a military shooting range. Casually, Dave is doing an investigation on the spot. A nuclear missile explodes. The radiation gives him superpowers. Dave can move objects with the mind force, discover mysterious crimes, and jump with no problem from a skyscraper. His friends cannot understand those transformations.

Thives and Robbers (1983)

L.A.P.D. Captain Parker is finally going on Holiday with all his family. At the last moment, he has to cancel the program to re-capture a pilferer named Tony Roma, a bad copy of a Latin lover. He uses to seduce older women and then steals their jewelry. Parker is close to sorting the case out when Roma is a witness to a Mafia murder. Parker Holiday flies away.

Who Finds a Friend Finds a Treasure (1981)

Alan gets a map of some war treasure that the Japanese army left behind on a small Pacific island during World War II. But some gangsters try to steal the map from him, and so he hides on Charlie’s boat, which leaves the harbor. He manipulates the ship’s compass, so Charlie is unaware that he is sailing to the treasure island. But when they step on the island, they discover that it is not as abandoned as they believed: there are some natives – and a Japanese soldier still defending the treasure.