Live And Let Die

Format: Vinyl Record (LP)

Composer: George Martin and Various

Location: Mu 11

–Paul McCartney & Wings*Live And Let Die (Main Titles)3:10
–No ArtistJust A Closer Walk With Thee2:13
–Harold A. “Duke” DeJan* / The Olympia Brass Band*New Second Line
–George MartinBond Meets Solitaire2:15
–George MartinWhisper Who Dares1:42
–George MartinSnakes Alive2:24
–George MartinBaron Samedi’s Dance Of Death1:15
–George MartinSan Monique1:57
–George MartinFillet Of Soul – New Orleans1:07
–BJ ArnauLive And Let Die1:07
–George MartinFillet Of Soul – Harlem1:04
–George MartinBond Drops In3:28
–George MartinIf He Finds It, Kill Him1:21
–George MartinTrespassers Will Be Eaten2:45
–George MartinSolitaire Gets Her Cards1:52
–George MartinSacrifice2:30
–Monty NormanJames Bond Theme1:28