The Sound of the Movies: Movie Box, Vol. 2

Format: CD

Composer: Various

Location: Mu 8:1

Yankee Doodle Dandy
1-1–MGM Studio OrchestraMain Title1:40
1-2–Walter Huston, James Cagney, Rosemary DeCamp, Jeanne CagneyKeep Your Eyes Upon Me And Vaudeville Routine3:53
1-3–Joan LeslieI Was Born In Virginia1:47
1-4–James Cagney, Joan LeslieHarrigan2:22
1-5–James CagneyLittle Johnny Jonesi Dequence (And Give Me Regards To Broadway)10:22
1-6–MGM Studio OrchestraOh You Wonderful Girl / East Side West Side0:40
1-7–James Cagney, Joan LeslieMary1:53
1-8–James CagneyYou’re A Grand Old Flag / Come Along With Me Away5:27
1-9–James Cagney, Frances LangfordOver There3:00
The Forest Rangers
1-10–James CagneyStrictly Off The Record3:21
1-11–James CagneyOver There / Finale2:42
1-12–Kay Kyser And His OrchestraJingle Jangle Jingle3:23
1-13–Harry James And His Orchestra, Helen ForrestI’ve Heard That Song Before3:01
Hello Frisco, Hello
1-14–Dick Haymes & The Song SpinnersYou’ll Never Know2:47
In Society
1-15–Les Brown And His Orchestra, Doris DayMy Dreams Are Getting Better All The Time3:19
Thousand Cheer
1-16–Judy Garland, José IturbiThe Joint Is Really Jumpin’ Down At Carnegie Hall3:40
1-17–Martha TiltonI’ll Walk Alone3:18
Romance On The High Seas
1-18–Doris DayIt’s Magic3:25
The Fleet’s In
2-1–Betty Jane Rhodes*Opening Titles And Music & The Fleet’s In3:08
2-2–The Jimmy Dorsey Orchestra, Dorothy LamourAnchors Aweigh / Tangerine / When You Hear The Time Signal7:42
2-3–Betty HuttonIf You Build A Better Mousetrap1:57
2-4–Dorothy Lamour, Betty HuttonNot Mine2:10
2-5–Dorothy LamourI Remember You2:40
2-6–Betty HuttonArthur Murray Taught Me Dancing In A Hurry2:25
2-7–Lorraine And Rognan Dance TeamI Remember You (Reprise)4:03
2-8–Cass DaleyTomorrow You Belong To Uncle Sammy4:19
Thank Your Lucky Stars
2-9–Dinah ShoreOverture: Thank Your Lucky Stars2:30
2-10–Eddie CantorWe’re Staying Home Tonight1:56
2-11–Jack Carson, Alan HaleGoin’ North3:59
2-12–Ann Sheridan, Joyce ReynoldsLove Isn’t Born, It’s Made4:00
2-13–Dennis Morgan (4), Joan LeslieNo You, No Me2:10
2-14–Dinah ShoreThe Dreamer3:47
2-15–Hattie McDaniel, Willie Best, Jesse Lee Brooks, Rita ChristinaIce Cold Katie4:56
2-16–Dinah ShoreHow Sweet You Are3:30
2-17–Bette DavisThey’re Either Too Young Or Too Old4:59
2-18–Dennis Morgan (4)Good Night, Good Neighbor2:38
2-19–Unknown ArtistFinale4:44