The Sound of Movies: Judy Garland, Vol. 2

Format: CD

Composer: Various

Location: Mu 8:1

1-1–Herbert StothartMain Title
1-2–Judy GarlandOver The Rainbow
1-3–Herbert StothartMunchkinland
1-4–Herbert StothartI’m Not A Witch
1-5–Herbert StothartMunchkinland Musical Sequence
1-6–Herbert StothartThreatening Witch
1-7–Herbert StothartLeaving Munchkinland
1-8–Herbert StothartGood Fairy Vanishes
1-9–Judy GarlandFollow The Yellow Brick/You’re Off To See The Wizard
1-10–Herbert StothartThe Cornfield
1-11–Ray Bolger, Judy GarlandIf I Only Had A Brain
1-12–Judy Garland, Ray BolgerWe’re Off To See The Wizard
1-13–Jack Haley, Adriana CaselottiIf I Only Had A Heart
1-14–Judy Garland, Ray Bolger, Buddy EbsenWe’re Off To See The Wizard
1-15–Bert Lahr, Ray Bolger, Jack Haley, Judy GarlandIf I Only Had The Nerve
1-16–Judy Garland, Ray Bolger, Buddy Ebsen, Bert LahrWe’re Off To See The Wizard
1-17–Herbert StothartPoppies
1-18–Herbert StothartThe Spell
1-19–The RhythmettesOptimistic Voices
1-20–Frank Morgan (2), Judy Garland, Ray Bolger, Jack Haley, Bert Lahr, Tyler Brooke, Ralph SudamThe Merry Old Land Of OZ
1-21–Judy Garland, Ray Bolger, Buddy Ebsen, Bert Lahr, Jack HaleyIf I Were King Of The Forest
1-22–Herbert StothartThe Haunted Forest
1-23–Judy Garland, Ray Bolger, Buddy Ebsen, Bert Lahr, Jack HaleyThe Jitterbug
1-24–Judy GarlandToto Bring’s News
1-25–Herbert StothartMarch Of The Winkies
1-26–Ken DarbyDing Dong! Emerald City
1-27–Herbert StothartThe Wizard’s Exposé/Emerald City Graduation Exercises
1-28–Herbert StothartI Hereby Decree
1-29–Herbert StothartDelirious Escape
2-1–Irving BerlinMain Title (Medley)
2-2–Fred Astaire, The Mel-Tones, Camilla Holliday, Betty Rome, Gene Curtsinger, Loulie Jean Norman, Blanche ArnaudHappy Easter
2-3–Fred AstaireDrum Crazy
2-4–Fred AstaireIt Only Happens When I Dance With You
2-5–Irving BerlinEverybody’s Doing It Now
2-6–Judy GarlandI Want To Go Back To Michigan (Down On The Farm)
2-7–Irving BerlinMaking Faces (Medley)
2-8–Irving BerlinBeautiful Faces Need Beautiful Clothes
2-9–Irving BerlinThis Is The Life (Dog Act)
2-10–Irving BerlinAlong Came Ruth
2-11–Irving BerlinCall Me Up Some Rainy Afternoon
2-12–Judy Garland, Peter LawfordA Fella With An Umbrella
2-13–Judy Garland, Fred AstaireVaudeville Montage: I Love A Piano – Snooky Ookums – The Ragtime Violin – When The Midnight Choo Choo Leaves For Alabam’
2-14–Irving BerlinMixed Green
2-15–Irving BerlinShaking The Blues Away
2-16–Fred Astaire, The Mel-Tones, The Little Sisters (2)Steppin’ Out With My Baby
2-17–Judy GarlandMr. Monotony
2-18–Judy Garland, Fred AstaireA Couple Of Swells
2-19–Dick BeaversThe Girl On The Magazine Cover
2-20–Judy GarlandBetter Luck Next Time
2-21–Judy GarlandEaster Parade (End Title)