Bond Girl: Nomi

M. Nomi, also known by the cryptonym “007”, is a fictional operative of the “Double-O” (00) branch, an ultra-covert Black Ops unit within the British Secret Intelligence Service (SIS/MI6). The ’00’ prefix indicates her discretionary license to kill in performing her duties. An ally portrayed by British actress Lashana Lynch, the character appeared in the 2021 James Bond film No Time To Die.

Following the retirement of James Bond, Nomi assumed the role of 007. Following the disappearance of an influential scientist, Valdo Obruchev, Nomi observes James Bond in disguise at a bar. She sabotages Bonds’ Land Rover and gives him a ride home, claiming to be a diver who salvages old wrecks. Once they arrive at his place, she reveals herself and warns him off chasing after Obruchve, not knowing that Bond refused Felix Leiter’s request. He tells her that he doesn’t work for M anymore. She introduces herself to him as the new 007 and taunts him with her status, suggesting that he thought the number would be retired with him. He, however, replies that it’s just a number. “See you in Cuba?” she asks, leaving.

Ultimately, Bond does decide to take up the mission, but at Leiter’s behest rather than Nomi’s. He teams up with another CIA agent, Paloma, to infiltrate the El Nido Bar and retrieve Obruchev. Meanwhile, Nomi works on the same mission, coming into conflict with Bond and Paloma. The two get the drop on Nomi, succeeding in taking charge of Obruchev and leaving her behind.

Bond delivers Obruchev to Leiter, but the two of them are ultimately betrayed by another CIA agent, Logan Ash, secretly working for Safin as part of the conspiracy, Project Heracles. Bond travels back to Britain and the headquarters of the Secret Intelligence Service to confront M. There, and he once again runs into Nomi, who is irritated at Bond’s presence. Even more so when Bond is called into an exclusive meeting with M. Later, after Bond is reinstated as an agent, she becomes confused, wondering if the 007 title is hers or if it has reverted to him. Ultimately, however, she asks for the title to be returned to Bond.

Nomi joins Bond, aided by Q, and the two travel to the secret World War II base Safin is using as his headquarters. While Bond deals with Safin, Nomi once again tracks down Obruchev. Obrcuhev, irritated at being captured again, taunts Nomi by telling her that he can reprogram the nanobots used in Project Heracles and make them target anyone of African descent, wiping the race from the world. She pushes him into a giant vat of water filled with nanobots, resulting in his swift death. Aghast, had more than enough, Nomi declares it is “Time to Die.”

Bond gives Nomi the job of escorting Madeleine and their daughter to safety. Nomi accomplishes this and provides cover until they can be safely extracted. After James’s death, Nomi, M, Q, and Moneypenny all share a drink to his memory.


Nomi is described as being both highly skilled and slightly cocky.